Enjoy a Unique Atmosphere

Visit our tea and wine lounge

Are you a lover of tea, wine, gourmet desserts and hors d'oeuvres? Element Tea & Wine Lounge may just be the place for you. As a result of your dedication to these sweet pleasures, we opened this lounge in the Quad Cities in January of 2017. Our goal was to create an atmosphere unlike any other in the area and we've managed to do just that.

Stop in for a cup of tea or a glass of wine and experience the difference for yourself.

In a space and time where there is a saturation of coffee and tea shops, Element Tea & Wine Lounge seeks to introduce a new type of environment. While other coffee and tea shops offer a wide variety of beverages, there is an element of comfort and elegance that's missing. That's why Element represents a refuge for those seeking a calming atmosphere and quality tea.

In addition to a variety of quality teas, we also offer a diverse selection of wine, desserts and delicious small plates. The perfect combination of food and beverage in an elegant atmosphere make Element Tea & Wine Lounge the perfect place for some quiet time, after work drinks with friends or a date night.

Check out our menu, and then cozy up and get comfortable in Davenport's premier lounge.